Monday, November 9, 2015

I Feel Like a Mental Midget Today

Like Ozzy, 'Of all the things I've lost, it's my mind I miss the most!' Today I am just not with it. Even staying in bed all day wouldn't help. I said dumb things did dumb things and sat staring slack-jawed and clueless for most of the afternoon. I broke things, did wrong things, went the wrong way and yet I survived. Not quite sure how, though. Luckily I wasn't at my former occupation, climbing poles and playing with electricity, or I'd more than likely be no more than a statistic. A 'Darwin Award's' superhero! I just can't get my shit together today. I'm doing what seems like all the same movements, but I just seem to be missing a half a beat. Even practicing my guitar I can't get it right. My right hand doesn't have a clue what the left is trying to do. I think I'll start tomorrow with bacon - can't go wrong there!

Sunday, November 8, 2015

I've Been Very, Very Bad!

I am so ashamed! I haven't posted anything on this blog in ages. What's the sense in having a blog if you don't say something once in a while. But it's been years and feel the need to plop a few words onto the page. The inspiration for this sudden urge to write comes from my daughter. She's recently started a blog on her battles with mental health issues and other things of interest in her life. And she's one of the laziest people I know! So if she can make near daily contributions to a blog, by Jebus, so can I.  Thanks for the kick in the ass kiddo!

This is so annoying! While munching on  bagel this morning I felt a hard lump in my mouth. I knew instantly what it was - a tooth! Actually, it is just a cap from a tooth. The good news is that I didn't swallow it but spit it out into my hand. A quick inspection in the bathroom mirror identified the former location of the cap. Luckily it's off to the side a bit and not too glaringly obvious. I don't want to look like some gap-toothed hillbilly that can eat a cob of corn through a picket fence! Now I have to eat gingerly on the other side of my mouth until I can make an appointment with my friendly dentist, Dr. Matti, and get this thing back where it belongs. But it's not as bad as the time I cleaved a molar in two while eating pizza. That was not only annoying but painful as it exposed a raw nerve. But, it is still annoying.