Monday, February 13, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and the ....(Huh?)

I find most graffiti to be an eyesore. I'm talking about the tagging that seems to be on every surface in the downtown core. Alley walls, sides of panel trucks, utility boxes and especially mail drop boxes are targets of this persistent and ubiquitous marking. I do, however, appreciate 'wall art'. Merchants and building owners might even pay someone to paint modern art in vibrant colours on the walls of their establishments. One such example is the wallpaper I've chosen for this blog. I spotted it in Montreal a couple of years back and found it quite appealing and unique.

But recently I was taking a shortcut around an abandoned hotel near the downtown area of Sudbury and this bit of wisdom attracted my attention. 'The Good, The Bad and The *****.' Clint Eastwood's spaghetti-western of the same title springs to mind, but that word is not 'Ugly'. What the heck is it anyway? I can't make it out. If someone is going to take the time and expense to leave their mark on the wall of a building at least make it legible. They wanted to make a statement for all the world to see and they mucked it up! More wasted words!

If anyone has a guess let me know; or fill in the blank with your own word.

1 comment:

  1. Despite what you say, you were drawn to take a photo of this which is interesting in itself.
    I guess the photo presents not just a mystery, but a terrific image in itself, and, somehow, the mark of a past human presence.
    Er, maybe!