Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Only The Beginning

It's only the beginning, but it's nearer the end than I'd like to admit. I'm just a little sad that I can't redo some of the better moments. I should be happy that I've finally reached retirement but it's an illusion. Actually, I try to explain my lifestyle as 'semi-retired'. And that's being positive! Someone at work called me a 'double-dipper' as I have a pension and I work. She made it sound like I was greedy, having two incomes. However, the reality is far scarier. Desperation was the great motivator that brought me to work in my 'golden years'. Like most folks, young and old, I have debt - therefore I work. But money wasn't the only motivator that brought me to this state. My former job was really depressing me. With 30 years behind me and not much to show for it I took a pension and walked away from a well paying position. A break was what I wanted and I never got it. The day after I retired I started a new job. It paid less than half of the previous one but had a lot more challenges. That was the pay off. So now here I am, 2 1/2 years later. Still working. But I'm happy. I guess.

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